"For some years now, we've been thinking about upgrading our SharePoint from the 2007 version. Because we were aware that this is a great undertaking in regards to content and the required technical expertise, we turned to you, as you have the knowledge and experience with installing such systems. Our decision has turned out to be the correct one, since you have helped us with your professionalism, responsibility and a serious approach throughout the upgrade to a higher version of SharePoint. With your help we have upgraded the current intranet with the latest version of SharePoint. Thank you for the good cooperation and a constructive approach."

Anton Furlan - Vodja - direktor področja I Zavod Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje (September 2016)


"Thank you very much for such a quick response and professional service. We were very satisfied with the delivery. As a person and the company, you really deserve just a commendations.«

Nataša Čerin, DUTB (November 2017)


„Kompas Xnet specialists have struck Eurodesign and BEGOC management by their professional attitude towards services delivery, outstanding technical skills and exceptional performance. Here at Eurodesign, we value a significant contribution Kompas Xnet have made to sustain high level of service availability for BEGOC. Effective and successful service delivery for BEGOC have enabled solid platform for strategic and long-term partnership between two companies.„

Sabir Hagverdiyev, Service Delivery Manager Eurodesign CSC (June 2015)


"With MS SharePoint, we wanted more than just information solution, libraries, lists and management information system (BI). Our goal was to support different solutions of BPM of the Group SavaRE.
At the beginning of the talks, we set its own conditions and soon found out that our demands can be met with the tools to manage business processes (BPM). Together with Kompas Xnet and business partners WebCon we are in a very short period of time to support the processes of the first user.
The first successful solutions have opened up a wide range of options to support various work processes. We are confident that we will, in cooperation with experts from companies Kompas Xnet and their professional approach, quickly solved. "

Marko Fakin - Director of the Information, August Drol - Independent developer of the system, Zavarovalnica Tilia dd (January 2015)


"A team of experts and professional performance are the distinguished features of company Kompas Xnet, therefore, we want to cooperate with them.
I recommend them to implement solutions in the field of MS solutions such as SharePoint 2013, or the organization of training - each company will be the subject to obtain the knowledge form higly skilled professionals. I highly recommend! "

Cvetka Hocevar, Medis - Director of Informatics (January 2015)

"Kompas Xnet is a professional company at the highest level. Reliable, professional business partner that stands behind its promises. "

dr. Srecko Zupancic - specialist areas and Janez Selak - IT systems administrator, Krka dd (January 2015)


"The rapid transfer of information and the management of large amounts of data in Adria Mobil, are extremely important for the smooth functioning of business processes. We are already in the first weeks of the renewed Share Point 2013 and once again I want to emphasize satisfaction with the transition to the revised application - upgraded functionality enabling faster work with all the extensive documentation, which raises customer satisfaction and also brings savings in time. Also changed the design has been positively received, the transition to the new platform was implemented quickly, professionally and smoothly. For the good cooperation I am therefore once again thank you and I wish you every success in the future. "

 Mira Šetina, Director of Controlling and IT, Adria Mobil doo (November 2013)


»Robi's Sharepoint skills are amazing. I recommend Kompas Xnet as a partner to anyone who needs to implement Sharepoint solution«

 Miran Škedelj, IT Project Manager at Kemofarmacija d.d. (August 2013)

 "On this occasion, I thank you for the cooperation so far has been very successful and I have no doubt it will be so in the future. It's been a pleasure to work with such professionals as Robi Vončina that is really very hard in carrying out the project and was always available for questions and suggestions, so I look forward to the course Advanced Solutions of SharePoint Server 2013, which I will attend to you in October. "

 Bogdan Škof, Head of IT, Doba (September 2013)


"Very professional and responsive team, which is pleased to participate"

 Peter Kajfež, Studio Moderna (March 2013)


"I would again like to stress that we very much appreciate your quick response, professionalism and we once again thank for your help."

Jože Fir, Adria Mobil-d.o.o. (July 2012)


"Professional staff is distinguished by a professional approach, high level of knowledge, ability to rapid problem solving, willingness to help and kindness. "

Erna Zalar, dm drogerie markt d.o.o. (December 2011)


"Hi Robi,
... .. Once again praise for professional training. ...
Sincerely, "

Boris Kodelja, IPMIT d.o.o. (August 2011)


»Dear Robi,

“I wanted to communicate with you and thank you for the effort you have made developing and documenting a procedure for “formatting and printing” a single Sharepoint 2010 list (table) row using the SP 2010 Foundation services where Infopath Services are not available  (ie the free version of SP 2010 which many will start out with). This has been critical for ITI securing a valued client and developing a property management system using the foundation version of SP 2010.«

Bill Smith, ITI International Technology Integration Inc. Victoria, BC Canada; (March 2011)


"Web application NT Conference 2010 (www.ntk.si) was prepared by experts from company Kompas Xnet and using the latest web technologies and platforms of Microsoft. It is the first case of applications in production on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform in Slovenia. Despite the complexity of the project and tight deadlines, the development team proved to be a trusted partner, the application was built on time and without errors, while they undoubtedly helped lessons learned in the field of web technologies and application development. Working with development team of company Kompas Xnet has been positive experience, the team is  reliable and has professionally done its job. I would recommend without hesitation to anyone in need of web custom development."

Boštjan Stražar, Microsoft Slovenija d.o.o.
Head of operations for development of application solutions

"We are grateful to Kompas Xnet that that in our humanitarian mission allows us web occurrence (www.unicef.si) with which we approach our donors! Their good will, professionalism and willingness to help is a perfect match with our philosophy"

Tomaž Bergoč, UNICEF Slovenia
Executive Director

"Following the recommendation of Microsoft Slovenia, we chose Kompas Xnet for the redesign of our websites pocenielektrika.si and gen-i.si. The expertise and the performance of Kompas Xnet have surpassed our expectations. The level of experience and innovation they showed with HTML5 and CSS3 web technologies and even with Microsoft Azure platform (which was in its infancy at the time),  was extremely high.  Our high demands were exceeded by their experts, and handled with ease and that is why we further on entrusted them with two additional Web sites poceniplin.si and jeftinastruja.hr, where quick responsiveness was a key factor since both pages targeted emerging markets of that time. I recommend Kompas Xnet to anyone who is looking for professionalism, responsiveness and reliability"

Blaž Krapež, GEN-I Ltd. , IT business solutions specialist


"We turned to Kompas Xnet because we wanted to breathe new life into the company's Web site www.malalan.eu. Heading into the cooperation, we were provided with a clear and detailed plan for the upgrade execution. During the implementation, we witnessed tremendous technical expertise and professionalism of the Kompas Xnet development team. We appreciate good and clear communication, reliable and quick response and professional and friendly demeanor of Kompas Xnet employees. The positive experience from the website project ensured us that Kompas Xnet was the right choice when we decided to replace and redesign our entire computer network. Even though this is an extremely difficult task, made so by our specific industry needs that allow no downtime of our programs, the change went smoothly and was accomplished in record time. I hold their professionals and the support that they provide in very high regards so when asked to recommend an IT partner, there is little doubt that that will be Kompas Xnet.”

Peter Malalan, Malalan Ltd. CEO


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