Software developenemt references

Baku -Islamic Games 2017

For our partner in Azerbaijan we implemented our custom made CMS to support the current website as well as did some visual and functional enhancements. Since it is an on-going project (the games are scheduled for May 2017) more upgrades are planned in the upcoming months.

Eurodesign CSC 2016


EZS web dictionary

For our client we developed an online dictionary of technical terms. The terms feature translations and can be managed through import. Users can also register and comment on the translations which can be managed from the CMS.

EZS 2016


BakuCityCircuit 2015

The website development was one of the more notable projects for Kompas Xnet in 2015 and 2016. The project included initial website development as well as 2 phases of upgrades.

The website is hosted on Windows Azure which enabled us the configuration necessary because of the high traffic during the race event.

Eurodesign CSC 2015



For our business partner from Azerbaijan we redesigned their website. The project included a visual upgrade as well as some added functionalities not previously available.

Eurodesign CSC 2015

Website for the Slovenian UNICEF representative in 2010.

Update and adaptation for mobile devices in 2013.

Unicef Slovenia 2010 - 2013

NT Conference website (5 years; 2010-2014) – the biggest IT Conference in Slovenia.

Project was also awarded the most innovative approach with using Microsoft technologies and platforms for cloud computing issued by Microsoft in September 2010.

Microsoft Slovenia 2010-2014

Web application »Ohranimo čebele« for collecting locations of melliferous crops.

BTC 2014

Website "Kristalna Palača"

MMS for BTC 2014

Corporate Website for one of the biggest suppliers of electrical energy and gas in Slovenia, hosted on Windows Azure platform.

Microsoft Slovenia for GEN-I 2011

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