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Mastering Javascript and jQuery JSCJQ

Dandanes moramo poznati in razumeti Javascript kot še nikoli doslej in jQuery je ena vidnejši, popularnejših in široko podprtih javascript knjižnic
  • The client side of Web programming
    Ajax applications require you to write a lot of JavaScript code. Most of the time, you are called upon to write simple UI-driven code that refreshes the user interface following the state of the application. If all you need to write is a few event handlers that just map pieces of downloaded data to UI elements, any approach does work. However, when the quantity of code grows beyond a certain threshold, you need to lay out your client code using abstractions not unlike those you might use in a classic programming language-functions, objects, namespaces, modules and the like.
    Writing JavaScript code is harder and more error-prone than writing C# or Java code. In addition, it has to be done quickly. For this reason, libraries are often used. Of the many libraries appeared in the past years one qualifies as the most used and most liked-the jQuery library. The main reason for the worldwide success of jQuery is its unique mix of functional and DOM programming. The product support offered by Microsoft for jQuery when used with ASP.NET applications also contributed to making it a standard. Today for the client side of the Web, you need to understand JavaScript as you never felt the need of and you also need to be familiar with jQuery and its long list of plug-ins.

    On top of the frontal presentations, the class uses numerous conceptual demos and excerpts from sample applications.

    Target audience
    The class is aimed at experienced Web developers willing to write better and more effective script code in Web applications. The class uses ASP.NET and Visual Studio but the content is in no way limited to the Microsoft's Web stack.

    Dino Esposito is the author of "Programming ASP.NET MVC" for Microsoft Press as well as "Programming ASP.NET 4" and other bestselling books such as "Microsoft ® .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise". Regular contributor to MSDN Magazine and DevProConnections Magazine, Dino is a frequent speaker at industry events all over the world including Microsoft TechED, DevConnections, and premiere European events such as DevWeek and BASTA.

    2 days


    • Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4, Dino Esposito, Microsoft Press, 2011


    Revisiting the JavaScript Language

    • Type system, variables, functions and objects
    • Prototypes and closures
    • Functional programming
    • Logging and testing JavaScript code

    Aspects of JavaScript programming

    • Unobtrusive code
    • Reusable packages, dependencies and script loading
    • DOM manipulation
    • Cross-domain scripting
    • HTML 5 features: local storage, geolocation, long-running tasks

    ASP.NET and JavaScript

    • Referencing scripts from ASP.NET
    • Globalization
    • Exposing REST interfaces
    • JSON manipulation

    The jQuery library

    • Wrapped sets and selectors
    • Aspects of jQuery programming: styles, DOM, caching, events
    • Ajax calls
    • Templates
    • jQuery and plug-ins
    • jQuery UI