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Programming ASP.NET MVC, Dino Esposito, MVP - SolidQ NETASP

Tečaj poglobljeno obravnava razlike med Web Forms in ASP.NET MVC. Nauči vas, kako organizirati kontrolerje in poti, oblikovati poglede, kako obravnavati avtentikacijo in validacijo ter kako testirati kritične vidike vaših strani.

  • Most significant evolution in the Microsoft's Web platform since ASP.NET.

    The ASP.NET MVC framework is an alternative model for Web development designed from the grounds up to address good software principles. The framework forces developers to think in terms of distinct components-the controller and the view primarily-and the framework itself exposes its own internal pieces through interfaces which greatly simplifies customization, extensibility, testing and mocking. Although based on the same runtime environment as ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC is significantly different and requires a complete paradigm shift. In this class, you'll deep dive into the differences between Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC and figure out a few basic rules to make a thoughtful choice. You'll learn how to organize controllers and routes, design view and client-side behavior, deal with authentication and validation, and test critical aspects of your pages. A significant section of the class is also dedicated to the options available for customizing the request lifecycle and rolling your own replacement for system components. Along the way, we'll touch on dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming, design-by-contract, and principles and practices for writing clean and maintainable code. By taking the class, you'll master the new wave of ASP.NET applications and double your capabilities of building effective ASP.NET applications. The class is based on ASP.NET MVC 3.

    On top of the frontal presentations, the class uses numerous conceptual demos and excerpts from sample applications.

    Target audience
    ASP.NET and Web developers

    Dino Esposito is the author of "Programming ASP.NET MVC" for Microsoft Press as well as "Programming ASP.NET 4" and other bestselling books such as "Microsoft ® .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise". Regular contributor to MSDN Magazine and DevProConnections Magazine, Dino is a frequent speaker at industry events all over the world including Microsoft TechED, DevConnections, and premiere European events such as DevWeek and BASTA.

    3 days



    • URL routing
    • Actions and action results
    • Exceptions and security
    • State management


    • Razor and other view engines
    • Design of the view
    • Strongly typed views
    • Render actions

    Model binders

    • Passing input data to controller actions
    • The default binder
    • Custom model binders

    Design of controllers

    • Fat-free controllers
    • Stereotypes of controllers
    • RESTful controllers
    • MVC in the context of layered solutions

    Aspects of controllers

    • Action invokers
    • Action filters
    • Global filters
    • Dynamic filters

    Controlling controllers

    • AOP in ASP.NET MVC
    • Controller factories and dependency resolvers
    • Using IoC tools with ASP.NET MVC

    Input Forms

    • Data annotations for ASP.NET MVC
    • Server and client data validation
    • Localization
    • Ajax in the view

    Effective JavaScript

    • Keeping script and style off the page
    • Good habits of JavaScript programming
    • The Module pattern for reusable script packages
    • jQuery and jQuery UI

    Testing and correctness

    • SoC in action
    • Mocking the HTTP context
    • Mocking the caching layer
    • .NET code contracts
    • Static code checking
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